I make things.
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About me

Born 1983.
Hooked in the late 90’s:

Attended formal school in 2000, as a Media Graphics Artist. It sucked. I left.
I consider myself 95% self-taught.

My lastname is pronounced [Klens-Kee-Tayn-Geh].

Working professionally with digital design and development since 2006
Self-employed since 2012.


That silly ring on my finger was given to me twenty years ago. It has a name, and it holds the combined total of all my powers. You will pry it from my dead, cold hands.

For work, I do client services and venture collaborations as the company owner of Pilot, a digital product studio I co-founded in 2015.

During 2019–2020, we’ve sold Wallo, exited Madforlivet, and Pilot is now wholly owned by yours truly.

The path is now cleared for a couple new ventures that Pilot is cooking up, and I can’t wait to show you what 2021 has in store. Keep an eye on pilotcph.dk to learn more our newest venture, Tap.app! 🚀

Here’s where my head is at when I focus:


Guilty pleasure: Danish 80’s pop.

Late-2013 MacBook Pro 13″ (best computer ever made) + 20″ Cinema + Magic Mouse

2019 MacBook Pro 16″ + 12.9″ iPad Pro (Sidecar’ed) + Magic Mouse


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