Pilot · 2015

Digital product studio. We design, build and invest in tiny products with huge impact.


Wallo · 2015 – 2019

Poster store, print shop and marketplace for upcoming Nordic artists. Acquired 2019 by Wallo Cph 🎉


#JTBD·CPH · 2017

A professional creative space for demand-thinking product people. You should join us!


Madforlivet · 2019 – 2020

A joint venture exploring niche media, personal community and memberships in food, health & lifestyle. Exit 2020.


Glue · 2020

Everything you need to launch a simple website, grow an audience and convert traffic.

Coming soon.

Work with me

Through 14 years of experience in new media, tech startups and e-commerce I’ve had results doing:

Strategy: Sparring and Advisory, Pilotprojects
I can help you get unstuck, or help you see the bigger picture.

MVP: User Research & Market Discovery, Risk Management

Design: Brand Identity, Form & Interaction, User Experience, Information Architecture

Sales & Marketing: Conversion, Onboarding & Lifecycle optimization

Software development: Professional WordPress setups, Ruby on Rails web apps. I’ve used WordPress since 2003, Rails since 2009. They are both amazing frameworks in their own right, but they make a killer combination. Core App = Rails (subdomain), Marketing site = WordPress (root domain). Trust me, startups:


Clients and past employers include:

Benjamin Media
Bonnier Publications
Børsen Associated
CARE Danmark
Copenhagen Air Experience
Danske Spil
MadforLivet.com / Anette Harbech Olesen
Nordisk Film
Peytz & co.
Preely (formerly Testlab.io)
Universal Apps
Vintage Cloud

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Learn with me

Seminar: Intro to Jobs to be Done and Demand Thinking

Digital Innovation is a hot topic. Everyone fears disruption. And yet we continue to ship software that does anything but eat the world. How many apps on your phone was opened once, and never again?

I present the case for how the merger of service design and systems thinking, based on the theory and practices of Jobs to be Done, can be employed to raise the success rate of new projects and products. It’s a pragmatic approach, designed for continuous iteration and testing, with real results and no bullshit.

Half-day seminar, approx. 3 hours. See the full abstract at Speakerdex.

The workshop can be adapted to suit your needs and the level of your team, and even separate talks, like these:

Past events

Fagfestival 2018

Forstå dine brugere
Panel m/ Lars K Jensen


Den gode brugeroplevelse
UX for resten af organisationen


Building products people will buy

Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017, 5:00 PM

DR – Danmarks Radio
Emil Holms Kanal 20 Copenhagen, DK

180 Members Went

Escape agile tunnel vision, challenge your most riskiest assumptions, and start thinking about Jobs to be Done. Program: • 17:20 Doors close. • 17:25 Welcome to AgilityLab Meetup by AgilityLab organizer, Anders Toxboe • 17:30 Intro and welcome to DR by Product & UX team lead, Martin Bjørn Kristensen • 17:45 People Need Glasses, Not a Map Casper Kle…

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Let’s put Jobs into practice!

Thursday, Jan 25, 2018, 5:00 PM

Skelbækgade 2, 5 Copenhagen, DK

50 Members Went

Bright people like you are getting together to share ideas, examples and tools to upgrade — not replace — their approach to service design, product strategy, marketing and customer research. Let’s talk 🙂 ## Program ### 17:20 Welcome to Founders, Stefano Zorzi ### 17:20 Intro, Casper (Organizer) Since I invited, it’s probably wise to say a few word…

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Hands-on with JTBD

Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018, 5:00 PM

Mærsk Growth
Nicolai Eigtvedsgade 24 Copenhagen, DK

27 Members Went

Maersk Growth is graciously hosting us, providing both a great location and drinks, snacks & sandwiches. Note that attendance is limited to just 70 seats. 📋 PROGRAM —– 17.20 WELCOME BACK AND 👋 TO NEW MEMBERS Casper Klenz-Kitenge will do a quick recap of last meetup @ Founders, plus a state-of-the-nation on the JTBD·CPH community 💡17.25 INSIGHTS …

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Mapping the Job to be Done

Wednesday, Jun 6, 2018, 5:00 PM

H.C. Andersen Blvd. 27 København, DK

41 Members Went

#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #3 PROGRAM 🐦 17.20 – JTBD @ Falcon.io Jaap Gerritsen, Head of Product Strategy at Falcon, will share a bit on how they work with JTBD across the organisation. 🔀 17.40 – Recap from last meetup: Switch Interviews A quick primer on JTBD, for any newcomers to the group, and then a brief recap of our workshop session on Switch Intervi…

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Using Jobs to Guide Strategy and Design

Thursday, Sep 20, 2018, 5:00 PM

Sjæleboderne 2, 4th floor 1122 København K, DK

22 Members Went

#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #4 PROGRAM 🔌 17.20 – Mads Kristensen, Partner at FURTHER (https://twitter.com/madsjvk) How do you make Jobs operational in a corporate setting? What is the potential, and how do you go about it to make sure that Jobs guides your most important strategic as well as design decisions? FURTHER shares key learnings from working with e…

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JTBD in Your Daily Work

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018, 5:00 PM

Kigkurren 10 Copenhagen, al

15 Members Went

#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #5 PROGRAM 🔀 17.20 – Welcome + Recap from last meetup + Today’s program ⚡ 17.30 – Guest speaker: Martin Boysen, Insight Partners Insight Partners is the first JTBD-based company in Denmark. Martin Boysen, at Insight Partners, is a student of Clayton Christensen, and will share some stories and examples of working with JTBD at pla…

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