Last revision: Nørrebro, Sep 22, 2018

I’m back again from both a long summer break, and a few intense client projects in late spring that ended up consuming more time than I initially intended.

I feel like I lost time from May through August, but it really put some things in perspective, too. Funny how being at the brink of burnout will make you shape up and focus.

Here’s where I’m at:

Glue 1.0.0

As mentioned in my latest newsletter (Notes #2), I’m closing in on a coherent first version of my patchframework of theory, tools and techniques. I hope to post this soon, and finally update the frontpage section teasing this stuff. You can get a gist of it, from my slides at UX CAMP ‘18:


I’m picking up steam again, and have sooo many pent-up insights to share, from both conferences, new talks I’ve given, material I’ve been working on, and of course, from doing the work out there. From № 2:

The goal is to ultimately help me prove my thesis on how we bring evidence to product management: The Iron Law of Digital Innovation

The research I do (desk, field, networking), and the experiments I carry out (cross-industry client work, workshops/seminars, MVP-type side-projects) is what I intend to share and synthesize here, as I go along – hence, “Notes” as the defining moniker of my blog and this little newsletter. I hope you’ll join me in this way of learning by doing.

Specifically, I’m thinking of sharing even more:

  • Posting app ideas as drafts on the blog — I often write out detailed ideas for apps/services I think would fill actual needs (my own, mostly). Ideas are worth nothing, so perhaps it’d be fun to just share them here 🤔
  • Maybe even posting my drafts, generally — ie. making the drafts / blog post ideas publicly visible on here, even if they’re not published yet. Might solicit more ideas and feedback from others
  • And, of course, more insights, ideas, articles, lessons learned, design decisions / case material, etc.

There, I said it out loud, to hold my ass accountable.

Pilot, Wallo, Headcoach, …

The portfolio will see some sweeping changes over the fall. Nothing’s changed, and everything’s changed. Can’t get specific, yet. Soon, though…