Last revision: Nørrebro, Apr 16, 2023

Having recently wrapped up a huge client project (mid 2020 – late 2022!), I’m ready for new beginnings ✨

I’m still doing client work, but I am keeping new engagements to a minimum, so I can reserve time for new ventures.

Specifically, I am heads down building a new app: — a better way to connect with your friends, your team, and your day-to-day. Join the waitlist today at!

I’m also super excited about — and a little scared of! — everything that’s happening around AI right now. See the AI dilemma for more on this.

I recently made ChatGPT save me hours every month, when I’m doing the books for my accountant. So that was awesome. Still, I’m definitely getting some tech bro / NFT grifter vibes from this space. 🤔