Last revision: Nørrebro, Oct 7, 2020

Well, fuck.

Pandemic aside, 2020 shouldn’t surprise any of us. We can’t go on like this.

I’m thankful for my luck in living up here. We get by. And yet, it could have all been changed by now.

I think a lot about that. And how those who can, must. Change is coming.

( *parents 🤦‍♂️ )

I’m leaving last revision below this time. Most of what focus one can muster in this godforsaken year is still where it was earlier in 2020.

Basically, what I’m doing now is

  • Boring Tech without gatekeepers
  • Low-code memberships, communities and personal platforms
  • WordPress and Rails enabling more humans than ever, both on the cusp of renaissance
  • Shape Up + Barbell UX + JTBD — more on that to come…


Also, I can be reached now at  🕶️


Last revision: Nørrebro, Jan 21, 2020

So we sold Wallo in 2019. That’s something.

Took a great deal to get it finalized, but I’m happy to see Wallo blossom already, just months after the new stewardship’s taken over.

One day, I might even find the time to share all the crazy stunts I pulled off in the backend to make it happen 😅

2020 🚀

Personal communities, and Memberships – a lot of things went well over on in 2019, and we’re almost at 20.000 members. This year, we’ll be experimenting further around the core jobs that people are trying to get done, specifically centered around habit forming and tools to live healthy. Oh, and I have a great feeling around this new concept of Seasons, which we’re currently chalking up — related thread:

Invisible Systems in UX and Product

I’ve noticed how most everyone I work with have this notion of a ‘system’ that sits in between the product and the people who work with said system. I’ve been thinking and tinkering around the methods to how I work, and how we might gain from visualizing these systems. A few thoughts:

I believe 2020 will bring new tools and methods to enhance this view of ‘the system’, and the components (process) that glue product and people together within that system.

See also: Gall’s Law

Shaping the work and deciding what to build

Reading Shape Up in 2019 (from @rjs and the Basecamp crew) was quite inspiring, and I’ve gained a new perspective on how process can inform work, and vice versa. To that end, I’ve been working on a refinement of client services, with an increased focus on the demand-side of things: Seeing what’s next and prototyping to learn.

T(r)ying it all together

One thing I’ve learned over the past five years of running a tiny agency, building – and selling – a B2C brand, launching a community of learners, and experimenting in new media: The bricks need to stack. My focus has been too scattered, but since ~2018, I’ve been reigning it in. I’m in a process of extracting and glue-ing (hint, hint) together all of what I’ve built, learned and observed the past couple years, and will soon be posting more about this, and how it relates to the portfolio.

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