Last revision: Nørrebro, May 17, 2018

Headcoach launch (shh)

  • Finding, screening candidates for partnerships
  • Finalizing the platform
    • Getting a lot of ducks lined up, notably decisions around *which* services we’re ‘productizing’, as part of the Headcoach palette of add-ons
  • Start posting sneak peeks, design decisions, etc. to build momentum and create a forcing function to launch


  • We have some sick ideas in the works, but we need to do more research around a few key areas
  • Needs moar unpack: Wallo Kids and Wallo Board. I want to go really deep here, to understand what people are hiring for
  • Thus, I’m postponing real product development, shifting focus to onboard new artists (with Joakim) and groom the catalog


Not really focused on growing the consulting services within Pilot at this time. This is in large part because Headcoach supplements the high-touch sales model we have been operating with.


  • A few on-going projects with good, long-time clients.
  • Consolidating our client offerings into two main areas: Pilot Innovation (my consulting services, eg. Sparring, Workshops, etc.), and Pilot Digital, the ‘traditional’ offering of bespoke web work, but with a twist.. #cliffy

2018 transition

Going into the new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about personal and professional growth.

I want to test my ideas and insights around all of the research I’ve done—and experience I’ve gained—over the past 3–5 years, by sharing as much as possible, to really put myself behind it.

Here’s how I’m putting effort towards it:

  • Do even more networking and shared learning. The #JTBD·CPH Meetup group is fast approaching two hundred people, and we had a blast at Maersk Growth. It’s a great outlet for input and reality checks.
  • I’m starting to see the outline and shape of Glue (working title), the toolbox I’ve gathered from other frameworks and approaches. Cheatsheet meets playbook. Slowly, but surely being shaped, as it moves from Evernote to WordPress: Posts and Downloads (worksheets, slides, tools, etc.) made for sharing
  • Redoing (and committing) to an all-new And, since you’re reading this, that means I’ve made significant headway here! Yay!