Cookies and general site usage

I do not track your actitivy on my site.

3rd party content (embeds)

I use embeds from various sources such as Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and others. These sources may try to set cookies on your device.


When you sign up for my newsletter, I will store your name + email with Mailchimp, and only them.

Sending you my newsletter, addressed to your name, is the sole purpose for this data sharing. Furthermore, I do not track whether you open my emails or click on links in emails from me.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, and ask Mailchimp to delete your details from their servers.

Not sure? Need to know? Want to have any personal info removed?

If you’ve signed up for my newsletter, or otherwise shared your details with me, you can of course have those details removed from my systems at your discretion.

Shoot me an email at, and I will provide you a link to see what data is stored, and how to remove it. Thanks.