A playbook for learning faster than you fail.
Glue ties together customer value, product management and business goals, creating:

Sticky Insights

Reliable data for understanding demand

Common Goals

Projects with low risk and high potential

Shared Language

Eliminate waste and empower people

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Of note

The Technology Trap

Digital innovation is a hot topic. Everyone fears disruption. And yet we continue to ship software that does anything but eat the world.

How many apps on your phone do you actually use?

The Iron Law of Digital Innovation

Strategies, products and companies fail, when any of these components are out of sight. Jobs to be Done theory helps us focus on the intersection of all three.

Talking JTBD at UX Camp CPH 2018

I’m one of six up for doing an Ignite talk (5 min, hard limit) at this year’s UX CAMP at IT University next month. Exciting!

Podcast Interview at WhyUX?

I was asked to come talk shop with Helena Levison and Dovilé Janule on the WhyUX? podcast. It was good fun, and we covered a lot of ground. Bonus: This is my debut as guest on a podcast!