A playbook for learning faster than you fail.
Glue ties together customer value, product management and business goals, creating:

Sticky Insights

Reliable data for understanding demand

Common Goals

Projects with low risk and high potential

Shared Language

Eliminate waste and empower people

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Of note

Tools & Resources for Working with JTBD

Just about everything I’ve found on Jobs to be Done, a theory and toolset for understanding what drives customer behavior. Get my tools and resources, including free worksheets.

Intro to Job Stories

A Job Story is a great way to introduce demand thinking to your team and coworkers, as both a workshop/intro tool, and as a format to keep insights visible over time.

10 Things to Remember for Your Next Presentation

Too many people present their ideas in black and white, with no rhythm and too many bullets, motivating little more than a refresh of inboxes. Use these 10 tips to light up the screen, bring your subject matter to life and make your ideas heard.