An all-new

I finally wrapped up a new place to call home. Since this is definitely the most ambitious iteration yet, a little introduction is in order. Join me down memory lane.

This little website is no longer just my digital business card. I am now fully committed to having a blog, or rather, a creative outlet that will hold me accountable and enable me to learn in the open, by sharing insights, decisions and challenges as they unfold.

Get to me know me on the About page. Bet there’s a few things you didn’t know.

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It’s also the first time I have a portfolio. Of sorts, anyway.

I’m especially happy with how the frontpage turned out. I think it’s a great intro to my overall purpose for this little website.

And certainly a lot better than what I used to have! since ~200x

Can’t believe I’m sharing these haha. v1 v2 v3

About Casper Klenz-Kitenge

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife and our two kids. My day-to-day is about finding solutions to real problems, making my work matter by helping people achieve their goals. You should sign up for my newsletter to get a fresh perspective on work.