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Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.

—Clayton Christensen (RIP)


This is one of those that need to simmer a bit.

Think about it: When you’re looking for new ideas and opportunities, trying to solve a problem or otherwise thinking about something, questions are what leads the path forward.

If you’re not asking the right question, how will you know you’ve found the right answer?

It’s such a profound insight, and I guess the reason this one stuck with me, is that it’s a useful reminder to step back and re-frame the problem I’m trying to solve. Whenever I’m deep in analysis or research, thinking long and hard about something, it tends to create tunnel-vision. This can be good for, say, concentration and flow when I’m working on a very specific task. But on the other hand, this tunnel-vision may be preventing me from seeing the bigger picture, or rather, the better question.

I like how Jason Fried put it, upon hearing this insight from Christensen:

If you stop asking questions, your mind can’t grow.

For more on his take, read his whole post on What Are Questions?