Event: Webinar at CPHUX

What makes a users’ experience feel like magic? And what would ruin it? 🤔
This is the logic underpinning my “Barbell” framework, and it helps you find tiny solutions to big problems. Join CPHUX for instant access to this 60-min webinar and AmA.

Event: UX Camp CPH 2019

Looking forward to this year’s UX Camp here in Copenhagen. The atmosphere created at this event is quite special, and incredibly inspiring. I took home so many insights last year and have some ideas for sessions I’d like to pitch at this year’s camp.

Event: The Why + How of User Experience (UX)

Join me Nov 4–5, 2018, at this year’s Fagfestival, an industry conference for media and communications specialists, organized by Dansk Journalistforbund. Read more about the topic of my talk at the link above. (Note: All talks + content are in danish at Fagfestival.)