Changelog: Week 39

Things I’ve been up to this week, what I’ve read and what I have planned for the upcoming week. See the first Changelog post for some background on this format.


Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven’t asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go.

Changelog: Week 38

Every sunday, I do my Weekly Review. I take a look at my DONE column (yay!), go over what’s left, and then sort out what’s new. And, going forward, I’ll wrap up the review by posting a Changelog here!

Intro to Job Stories

A Job Story is a great way to introduce demand thinking to your team and coworkers, as both a workshop/intro tool, and as a format to keep insights visible over time.


People need glasses, not a map

Event: The Why + How of User Experience (UX)

Join me Nov 4–5, 2018, at this year’s Fagfestival, an industry conference for media and communications specialists, organized by Dansk Journalistforbund. Read more about the topic of my talk at the link above. (Note: All talks + content are in danish at Fagfestival.)