Changelog: Week 39

Things I’ve been up to this week, what I’ve read and what I have planned for the upcoming week. See the first Changelog post for some background on this format.

The Weekly Review is a ritual of the GTD® system, some of which I’ve adapted into my own little personal productivity system.

The point of this exercise is to reflect on your system, to continually optimize it, and avoid getting stuck over long periods of time.

Part of this processing is also to be realistic about commitments and adjust if (when) things don’t go as planned, so as to not overwhelm yourself — and, consequently, to remember to give yourself a hi-five for all the things that did work; things you did ship!

Since I do this every week already, why not just dump it here as well. Should be fun to see this part of the scrapbook progress over time.


Oh, hi there!

These past couple weeks, I’ve been posting more, sharing more and just generally speaking up. It seems to pay off, seeing as I’ve had a lot of new signups to my Newsletter, and several people have reached out to connect.

Connections, connections, connections…

Speaking of, I’ve had a few people reach out this week, to learn more about JTBD and possibly doing some workshops together. Really looking to forward to entertain these opportunities.

New partnerships

This week I’ve also reached an agreeement with a long-time client of mine, Anette Harbech Olesen. Back in 2015, I helped her launch a complete revamp of her popular blog and recipe-site, and now we’ve agreed on the path forward for 2018/19. Specifically, we’ll be working closer together, on an ongoing basis (as opposed to previous project-based engagements.)

I have big plans for this partnership, most notably in how it presents some unique opportunities for doing deep user research and behavioral analysis. Watch this space…

Winter is coming

… but I managed to catch some of the good weather left, and took a mini-sightseeing with the family:

Iterating on

This week also brought a few additional tweaks to this little webpage of yours truly:

  • I re-structured my page on Jobs to be Done, and added more resources – links, videos and a general intro / ‘What is JTBD’-sorta thing
  • Set up Buffer, to plan posts in advance and to continually shine some light on previously written posts
  • Started organising my drafts and ideas for new posts, on a new Trello board, set up as an editorial calendar:

Content scheduling

As seen above, I’m committed to posting and sharing lessons learned, insights, ideas, etc. on a (somewhat) consistent schedule. That includes, among other things, sharing some of my tips+tricks for productivity / organizing work:

Link pack

Here’s my recommendations for the week:


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