Event: Webinar at CPHUX

What makes a users’ experience feel like magic? And what would ruin it? 🤔
This is the logic underpinning my “Barbell” framework, and it helps you find tiny solutions to big problems. Join CPHUX for instant access to this 60-min webinar and AmA.

Intro to Job Stories

A Job Story is a great way to introduce demand thinking to your team and coworkers, as both a workshop/intro tool, and as a format to keep insights visible over time.

Tools & Resources for Working with JTBD

Just about everything I’ve found on Jobs to be Done, a theory and toolset for understanding what drives customer behavior. Get my tools and resources, including free worksheets.

The Technology Trap

Digital innovation is a hot topic. Everyone fears disruption. And yet we continue to ship software that does anything but eat the world.

How many apps on your phone do you actually use?

The Iron Law of Digital Innovation

Strategies, products and companies fail, when any of these components are out of sight. Jobs to be Done theory helps us focus on the intersection of all three.