Intro to Job Stories

A Job Story is a great way to introduce demand thinking to your team and coworkers, as both a workshop/intro tool, and as a format to keep insights visible over time.

One of the most precious items in my toolkit is Jobs to be Done, or JTBD. It’s something I’ve been rambling on about for a while now, because I see how powerful a source of insights it can be when applied in a useful way.

But I also notice how people struggle with going from theory to practice, and how to turn insight into action with Jobs to be Done.

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One simple tool I’ve found to work well for this purpose is the Job Story.

Unlike User Stories, that emphasize the person(a), a Job Story puts the spotlight on use case; the context and circumstances that motivate people to act towards a desired outcome.

The format is this:

When _______ [context],

I want to ________ [motivation],

So I can _________ (desired outcome)

Eg. “When a new customer signs up, I want to be notified, so I can start a conversation with them.”

That’s it. A simple one-sentence statement that everyone can understand, is easy to explain and lends itself to further evolvement, exploration and communication.

Intro to Job Stories

You might like these slides, from a recent meetup in the #JTBD·CPH Meetup group, where we discussed how to use Jobs to guide strategy and design.


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