Changelog: Week 38

Every sunday, I do my Weekly Review. I take a look at my DONE column (yay!), go over what’s left, and then sort out what’s new. And, going forward, I’ll wrap up the review by posting a Changelog here!

The Weekly Review is a ritual of the GTD® system, some of which I’ve adapted into my own little personal productivity system.

The point of this exercise is to reflect on your system, to continually optimize it, and avoid getting stuck over long periods of time.

Part of this processing is also to be realistic about commitments and adjust if (when) things don’t go as planned, so as to not overwhelm yourself — and, consequently, to remember to give yourself a hi-five for all the things that did work; things you did ship!

Since I do this every week already, why not just dump it here as well. Should be fun to see this part of the scrapbook progress over time.


Mentoring 1.0

This week marked my first foray into mentoring — I’m now a part of Power Intern, a Copenhagen-based startup helping companies level up their interns.
Me and Simon, my ‘mentee’, kicked off our first session to begin the week and then wrapped up his roadmap going into the weekend.
I expect this process to challenge both of us, and I reckon it’ll put some of my ideas and beliefs to the test.

New Horizons

A long-time client of mine just released her new book, and I did a few updates on the site + email list to promote it with her.
I have heaps of respect for her work, commitment and dedication, and I’m certain this new release is a major step up the ladder.

In fact, I’m so certain about this, that I’ve been spending the past couple of months drawing up an entire strategy + plan for growth and expansion with her.
And just this week, we had what was likely the most important business lunch of my life. Exciting times.

Networking to Learn

I also got the gang together again, for the fourth installment of the #JTBD·CPH Meetup group:

Using Jobs to Guide Strategy and Design

Thursday, Sep 20, 2018, 5:00 PM

Sjæleboderne 2, 4th floor 1122 København K, DK

22 Members Went

#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #4 PROGRAM 🔌 17.20 – Mads Kristensen, Partner at FURTHER ( How do you make Jobs operational in a corporate setting? What is the potential, and how do you go about it to make sure that Jobs guides your most important strategic as well as design decisions? FURTHER shares key learnings from working with e…

Check out this Meetup →

It was super inspiring, with some great discussions in the group.
I also got to bounce a few ideas off the group for the path ahead, plus I’m fairly certain I found the speaker for the next Meetup.

Intro to Job Stories

… was the topic of my presentation to the group, and I even managed to sit my ass down and extract it to a new post here.
Have a look at the slides + background info here: Intro to Job Stories.

Iterating on

I also took some time to polish a few kinks and ship some updates on the site:

  • My Now page has been revised (last revision was back in May, oof)
  • Since’s ‘Series’ format never took off, I’ve moved my Useful Quotes That Stuck with Me over here. You’ll find them scattered throughout the Notes section.
  • New post series: Changelogs! (quite meta, I know)
  • And, I’ve posted new dates for upcoming talks+conferences in November:

Newsletter iterations

Hell, the Newsletter even got a re-boot and I managed to push out Notes № 2 – it’s essentially a changelog of spring/summer 2018, so go have a look!

I also set up a Welcome email with Mailchimp’s automation, to greet new subscribers as they come in. In it, I include a few links I think would be interesting to people, plus my JTBD+BOS kit. And, lastly, I pose these three questions to get to know people:

  1. A book that changed your life in some way? (I love hearing others faves!)
  2. Your favorite quote? (I do like a great zinger, admitted.)
  3. What would make my newsletter awesome to you? (engage System 2 and probe for ideas/requests)

Oh, and don’t hesitate to tell me yours!

Link pack

I read a lot during a typical week. So, I’m thinking I’ll include some of the most interesting in the Changelogs. We’ll see if I have some every week, but here are some to begin with:


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