Intro to Job Stories

A Job Story is a great way to introduce demand thinking to your team and coworkers, as both a workshop/intro tool, and as a format to keep insights visible over time.

Event: Understand the Job of Your Users

At this year’s Fagfestival (Nov 4–5, 2018), I’m (also) doing a talk/panel-thing, together with Lars K. Jensen. Read more about this session at the link above. (Note: All talks + content are in danish at Fagfestival.)

Tools & Resources for Working with JTBD

Just about everything I’ve found on Jobs to be Done, a theory and toolset for understanding what drives customer behavior. Get my tools and resources, including free worksheets.

Why I Just Had to Be at #INDUSTRY18

If you had any doubts about Jobs to be Done being a hot topic, look no further than #INDUSTRY18 in Dublin. Here’s why I’m going.